FATT Productions was founded by Hans de Weers in 2014, a producer with more than 25 years of experience in producing films, TV drama, and documentaries. He has produced films including Antonia’s Line (Oscar winning), and Mrs. Dalloway by Marleen Gorris, Mindhunters (Renny Harlin) and Blue Bird (Chrystal Bear Berlin) by Mijke de Jong as well as successful TV series, Tokyo Trial for Netflix being the latest.

His productions earned many accolades, and were of an especially high quality, commonly attracting a large audience. He sold his company Egmond to Eyeworks in 2006  where he continued to produce challenging content, commercially interesting, and very successful films and series. Many of these were international co-productions and/or were sold in multiple territories.

In his new company, FATT Productions, he aims to put international co-productions front and center. In other words, producing quality films and TV productions for a broad public, suitable for the Dutch, and more important, the foreign markets. In FATT he teamed up with Elwin Looije, who’s career brought him extensive experience with international co-productions.

Thanks to their network, they will also regularly co-produce with foreign partners or investors. FATT Productions selects content-focused productions; the productions must be about something, have something to say, and be of high quality. But there will also be a close consideration of whether there’s a public for the project – national or international. If there is a specific target audience for a production. Who is that, and how can we best reach them? The more artistic productions must also undergo such testing. What will also be of importance, when selection a production, is whether it can be made with quality and taste, and how we can make productions (internationally) attractive.

Because of this, FATT Productions chose, from an early stage, to work with other producers. That’s why, in the ensuing years, FATT has (co-)produced the films such as: The Surprise (Mike van Diem), The Big L Hotel (Ineke Houtman), Tokyo Trial (Pieter Verhoe and Rob King), TULIPANI, Love, Honor and a Bicycle (Mike van Diem), and La Holandesa (Marleen Jonkman).

In the coming years, FATT aims to develop more projects with national and international filmmakers. In addition, FATT will make projects with other producers. Producing is an extremely labor intensive process, costing much time and energy. By working together on certain projects, the chance of success and a strong final product is much greater.  Our vision is that this sort of collaboration will lead to better, and often more efficient, productions. In that respect, FATT doesn’t aim to be a ‘large’ company, with many permanent employees, but to remain a ‘lean and mean’ operation, making collaboration possible on many productions.

FATT productions

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